Wilmersburger - the vegan cheese-alternative. If vegans are looking for cheese they are looking for Wilmersburger because cheese is not vegan :)
vegan 100 % vegetable

Your moments of happiness with Wilmersburger

  • vegan
  • lactose-free by nature
  • free of palm oil
  • by law preservative free

Pure plant-based pleasure

with our award-winning alternatives for a tasty vegan diet

In 2013 our Wilmersburger slices won the vegan.at-award in the „Cheesy“-category and asserted itself as the most popular vegan product in the contest. The same year we carried off the progress award of PETA and gained an award for "animal wise" improvement in economy, culture, science and nutrition. We have been very lucky to be announced the "best vegan cheese" and thus make a contribution to less animal suffering. This title was confirmed by Peta2.de, who awarded us the liberation award in the "best cheese alternative"-category in 2014.

"When I began my vegan diet I was having a hard time to forgo cheese. I have been looking for something comparable AND tasty to gratin topping and finally found Wilmersburger. Thank you for your delicious slices, pizzashreds and altogether: Thank you for Wilmersburger."

Maren Huber

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